• Kay Morgan-Gurr

The Annual Christmas Update!

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Cartoon colourful letters that spell 'Christmas', with basic doodles of holly, a bauble and a Christmas tree above.

I would think that most people have sentences to the effect of “Well that was a bit of a year!” in their 2020 Christmas updates.

Well, it certainly has been. Kay say's she's to blame because she updated some of her travelling stuff for her regular trips to London....that have, of course, remained unused!

We are still shielding, and will have to remain so (for many technical/medical reason) even after the vaccine arrives. But this isn’t stopping our work and it’s busier than ever, especially for Kay.

Kay's Work:

Picture of Kay. Silver grey hair, red glasses, red cardigan, matching scarf, sitting in her study.
Kay recording some training

Children Matter put on zoom webinars for children and family workers – two terms of sessions, held every two weeks, which have been very successful with anything between 200 – 300 children and family workers signing up. We’re now planning and praying for what we are doing next and helping to plan the content for the Hand in Hand (Children & Family) Ministry conference happening in Early February.

She has been speaking for some of Premier digital Webinars and did a short session for the digital conference. She has also been busy writing, shadow writing, consulting on accessible online worship, recording podcasts and supporting families with children/teens who have additional needs.

Kay is finding that delivering a lot of training and doing a lot of speaking over zoom is very challenging for her wobbly eyesight, and causes a lot of pain. Much of her other work is over social media which is also not easy visually and puts even more strain on her eyes. This then makes it difficult to do the regular writing she needs to do, so she’s thankful to have a special device that will convert speech or hand writing into text for her articles. She is currently researching other ways to do things that would be helpful to how her eyes work (Very strangely says Kay!)

Covid means Kay has had no access to physio activities, which isn’t helping the neuro-muscular conditions she has and the all-over constant pain these bring.

A new venture for Kay is Pondering Platypus Resources!

Kay has over 26 years’ worth of resources that would be useful to families wanting to nurture faith in the home and for other children’s workers who are running out of ideas during this season.

Plush grey Platypus puppet holding a small pink platypus dog toy.
Theo holding Anno

She is trying to put these resources onto her new website, but the amount of speaking/training requests is making this difficult, alongside juggling wobbly and painful eyes.

The older resources need updating, and everything needs adapting in style to work both on and off line - in zoom or livestream. All of it needs to be made accessible with both Makaton symbols and videos, which takes a lot of time and technical know-how. She’s currently concentrating on the creative prayer resources, but in time there will be digital memory verses, teaching materials, all age resources, links to some of Kay’s training sessions, Steve’s songs and more.

She’s had some lovely encouragements on her creative prayers surrounding emotional well being.

A mug painted with blackboard paint, with "Promise Mug" written in chalk on the side. THe mug is filled with wide coloured lollipop sticks with Bible promises written on them.
Promise prayers

If you’re a Facebook/Twitter person, do like and share the Facebook page, and follow the Twitter account. Pondering Platypus Resources has its own YouTube channel ready for future use, but it does have a playlist of some of Steve’s songs and bits of Kay’s training on there.


Picture of Steve Morgan-Gurr

Although he is now semi retired(!) Steve has been pastoring Children Worldwide, doing puppet-based teaching slots for Manthano Children’s Ministry and (both of us) delivering training for One Way UK.

Steve is happy continuing to do what he does. He gets requests in for puppet stuff but also creates videos for individual children who might be struggling. He would like to see more of his songs set to a video. He already has one done, but his contact is currently struggling to find the time to do more.

Praise points:

• Royalties for Steve’s songs are still coming in, which means people are actually declaring they use them (Often doesn’t happen for kid’s songs).

• We’ve been able to get what we need – despite shielding.

• Not travelling has saved enough money to buy the technical things to do everything on line or by video – and buy a pondering platypus puppet for Kay - called Theo (short for theology!).

• The fact Makaton are engaging with Christian communities to finalise and produce Christian symbols and signs.

(Makaton signs are for those who can hear but need simple signs to support communication. The symbols support written language).

Prayer points:

1. We are being wise in how we rest, and we’re learning to say no to invitations that give only a couple of weeks notice for something that requires lots of work. Pray that rest would be restorative and our need to say ‘no’ polite – whilst inviting a second request with a lot more notice!

2. Wisdom in the set up of the Pondering Platypus resources, the ability to be clear, concise and useful in all that goes on the website and the technical ability to make everything run smoothly for those using it.

3. Wisdom for Steve as he pastors Children Worldwide

4. Prayer for Kay’s pain levels [eyes and muscles] would be great too.