• Kay Morgan-Gurr

A Brief Update From Lock-Down 3

An afternoon tea, plated up and sitting on the dining room table ready to eat. There are 4 sausage rolls, 2 mini quiches, 2 scotch eggs, 4 cakes, and 2 scones with jam and clotted creme.
A Piglet's Pantry Afternoon Tea

With not seeing anyone face to face, we don't get to chat with people very often, and those moments of being able to properly update our supporters about our work is rare! Emails get missed and social media can't really convey the subtle nuances of doing ministry in lock-down! (Plus, some of our supporters don't do social media). So here's a sort of update....

What I'm doing day to day and the projects I'm involved in at the moment are over on the diary page (do take a look), so I won't go into that here. But life is busy!

If we really wanted to, we could work every minute of the day every day - and we know many in ministry who are. But we don't think that is wise or right. So I've found working 'smart' with regular breaks is better - and I tend to get better quality stuff done that way.

We've been shielding for 50 weeks now, but like everyone at the moment we're finding this 3rd lock-down more tiring. It's more difficult to concentrate, and as a consequence there is less engagement with a lot of ministry stuff of any sort.

We are both introverts, so lack of social contact is probably easier for us than for many others, but we are missing people. Missing face to face conversations with trusted friends, missing people just saying 'how are you'? It's not really a question you can answer on a zoom call with other people around - and I resort to the usual Evangelical answer of "I'm fine, thank you".

And generally, I am fine. I'm not stressed, I'm coping well.

I have high pain levels, which is not new, but higher than normal due to no physio (normally done in a pool), and my eyes are screaming at me due to the amount of time I'm having to spend on a computer. I've re-adjusted my pain scale - 12 out of 10 doesn't really work any more, so I've slid it down 4 notches. In other words, one that reflects the world of a person living with 2 chronic pain conditions. (So a 4 out of 10 for me would be an 8 for an average person)

Because of this I know I'm going to have to give in and use my wheelchair at church when we can finally go back - I've always resisted in case people see me or treat me differently (you'd be surprised how many people do and talk to me like a child when I use it), or assume I can't do my ministry any more (I can!!)

I use my wheelchair everywhere else, so it's not that my health has drastically changed....I just know I will be safer and more comfortable - and I need to swallow my pride.

Steve has had the first of his vaccine jabs (Hooray!) but I'm still waiting. I did check with my GP during a routine call, and he assured me I would be on the list to be jabbed in the next four weeks (Underlying health conditions), so I just have to sit tight and wait for my letter.

But I am blessed - and I know it! Steve and I celebrated our Silver wedding anniversary last week (Yes, the whole week! Why not?!) Takeaways, a posh afternoon tea and wine have all featured.

Steve brings joy, unconditional love and is like Reepy Cheep in the Chronicles of Narnia in the way he jumps to my defence! He has helped me to fly - much like my auntie Ray said when we got engaged: "He will un-clip your wings". We laugh a lot, we do lots of silly things, and Steve enjoys encouraging my love of earrings (Three different pairs over our anniversary week!) We are content. We are blessed. And we're looking forward to even more years ahead of us.

Over this last lock-down I've listened to Ann Voskamp books, one of Tim Kellar's books, and dipped in an out of many more. I've listened to some pod casts and live stream Bible studies from friends. I've chosen what will help me grow - and not tried to listen to everything put in front of me. My brain can only take so much information in a day!

I've also found myself with a playlist on repeat too, here's the first 4 (or 5...) on that list:


1. Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me (City Alight) This version by Selah.

2. Christ Our Hope In Life And Death.

3. God, The Uncreated One.

4. Defiant. (Rend Collective)

And a bonus track: 'Remember' from Lauren Daigle