• Kay Morgan-Gurr

A New Venture

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Theo the Platypus - a plush puppet with grey fur and a brown beak and flippers

The Pondering Platypus has been busy, and together we are putting together creative family prayer resources.

We now have a sparkly new website with a few test activities uploaded from Kay's 26 years worth of stuff.

Bearing in mind that additional needs are a very, very wide spectrum - we have tried to make the activities accessible at some level for all, or adaptable to any ability. (Why is it people assume little or no ability when we say additional needs?)

We have provided a widget symbol version of some activities if needed, and are toying with the idea of supporting videos (I hate being on video!)

We have many more prayer resources in the pipeline to fit with different learning styles, but for now we're just testing the water with activities based around thankfulness, and the prayer arrows resource - the prayer arrows are now over 20 years old (how did that happen!) and we are still very thankful for the skills of Neil Crook in doing the pictures for our original book all those years ago.

Do take a look at the activities, if you like them - share them around!

You can find the resources at

It will take a long time to get everything online. With some of the resources being first used in the 90s, they need some updating. Many are still on paper - hand drawn by myself, and others on overhead projector transparencies (Yes, really!). We even have some resources backed up to floppy discs (Ask your parents if you don't know what I mean by that)

With doing everything in between lots of bookings, It's going to take time

In time, we plan to expand to other creative resources such as; teaching bible verses, songs and teaching props.

Please pray that December stays reasonably clear of bookings to allow us time to fill up the space with even more creative prayerfulness.