• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Meet Theo

Most people don't realise that I'm a puppeteer. Steve is so good - I tend to leave the 'puppeting' to him and I stick to the story telling (Which I love!) ....but, I taught him all the basics and he took it on from there - becoming better than his tutor!

I'm currently working on some Pondering Platypus resources that can be used as a family and by all abilities (with support from the grown-ups). I realised that if we're putting this out as 'The Pondering Platypus', then using a chimpanzee or humanoid puppet doesn't quite work!

Cue the arrival of Theo the Pondering Platypus!

I had to weigh up various things - the temptation to buy a custom made one (expensive) or one that cost me less than a one way ticket to London (which obviously, I'm not doing at the moment!)

I went for the latter.

We named him Theo, as some of the pondering will be theological.

I've actually managed to master the basics of ventriloquism quite well over the years and a number of my puppets have a 'voice', but I have to think a lot more with what Theo will be doing. So to allow me more thinking space in the pondering - Theo will most likely be a whispering puppet (Plus I'm not good at an Australian accent!)

I'm setting up an extra page here for the resources - starting with thankful prayer activities. I've been held up a lot trying to get permission for using Widget symbols to help support those who need them. I wanted to release the whole package together rather than making those who need extra symbol support wait for them.

We think we now have a way to work fairly and within the copyright, so it's just the videos to do.... (as I've said before - my nemesis!)

Watch this space.