• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Filming - My Nemesis! (Part 1)

I've always resisted filming myself for YouTube... or podcasting. It flusters me, and when others film me it doesn't come out well.

But with our current situation, I've had to move with the times..... Writing is my thing, I find it comfortable to express myself in that form - I can finely hone words on a page - beat them into submission even. But not with a video - you can't fine tune the spoken word as much as you can the written word. Some members of the Additional Needs Alliance Facebook page have been asking for specific things that are not really available anywhere else. Many of the children represented in that space don't read - and that can be for many reasons, but they don't have a learning disability. Therefore, when they start asking why God allowed the virus to happen - I can't just give them a book. What they needed was a recording giving an overview of the theology, worded in reasonably simple terms. Doing that with such a big theological question that draws from so many other theologies was quite a tall order.

I didn't want to give a limited answer - I want these young people to think for themselves. To give a simplistic 'believe this' answer would not have been respectful. They deserve the time to hear the spectrum of beliefs.

I released the video in a limited way yesterday - nervous of putting it out widely, as I find that many adults with theological training will try to correct the theology I talk about (Many can't cope with the fact I don't give an actual answer!) I also get a lot of "mansplaining" from some ministers, just in case I (as a woman) can't understand the intricacies of this theology. Believe me - I'm disabled, I've studied this a lot! This video is not for those in theological training! It's a brief overview of this theology for young people who are struggling to understand that God is good - and yet we have this pandemic. Here's the video - do feel free to share: