• Kay Morgan-Gurr

If You Didn't See Our Last News Letter - Here It Is

Oriana logo, with the strap line "Building spiritual resilience in children of all abilities".

Hello First of all, we'd love to wish you a blessed and happy Christmas time, and thank you for your continued care, prayer and support.

As per normal, it's been a busy year for us. It started with the usual work things alongside needing to do the final clearing of Kay's mum's house ready to be sold. It was bought by a developer known to Kay's brother, and he's done an amazing job with it. It is no longer recognisable as her childhood home, which is no bad thing. We welcomed the new family in with a bottle of bubbly and a card only a few weeks ago. The year has had all the standard markers in the diary: The Children Worldwide conference, Spring Harvest (Harrogate - as Disability and Additional Needs Advisor, plus Event leadership team for the children and family work), Children's work at the Navigator's conference, lots of assemblies, Hungarton Camp, a much needed holiday, the Evangelical Alliance Council Summit and the One Way creative ministries conference. In between there have been lots (and lots!) of meetings, writing, consulting and advising for Kay along with training for churches and some lecturing. We decided that this year should be our last leading on Hungarton camp. The planning group for the camp is absolutely brilliant, and as per our usual style -felt it was time to hand over to the younger generation. Also, the site was quite hard for Kay as it is not really power chair friendly - so took it's toll on her physically. Steve will still be around for anything they need such as minibus driving or anything else. Steve passed retirement age without breaking his stride a while ago, He's not slowing down any but with Kay's work changing over the past year, this has meant how he works has also changed. He does a lot of mentoring via social media, is still fully involved in the steering group of Children Worldwide, doing our assemblies double act and being wingman and chauffeur for Kay! Sadly, the year has ended with two family deaths - Steve’s Sister in Law, Di and Kay’s aunty Ray (her mum’s sister). The funerals were on consecutive days in early December, one in Leicester and one in Thirsk. Kay wasn’t well enough to do both (see next paragraph) so Steve drove up to Di’s thanksgiving alone, stopping overnight before returning home. Kay has been quite poorly with a mild case of pneumonia, having ended up in A&E with a temperature of 41˚ and a heart rate of 138. Because of her other conditions this wiped her out so she is having to pace herself quite carefully at the moment. Thankfully she hasn’t had to cancel anything - although we were very grateful that others have cancelled some bookings and meetings in the run up to Christmas. She was able to make the Kyria conference for women in leadership - something she’d been really looking forward to (She says it was really worth being there!) If you want to catch up with Kay’s writing, go to Christian Today and search her full name. She has also had an article in Youth and Children’s Work Magazine - you can google this too as it’s freely available on their blog. There have been various other publications, but we’ve given you enough to read for the moment!

You may have spotted the Oriana logo at the top of the page. We have used Oriana as our trading name for over 23 years (Kay as Oriana Training and Resources, Steve as Oriana Music and for tax purposes ‘The Oriana Partnership’), but this has been very much in the back ground. Oriana means 'a new start’, appropriate for the work she does in encouraging churches to be welcoming to those who have disabilities and additional needs. Because Kay’s work is so varied, serving many people and organisations, we thought we would bring the Oriana name to the fore using the strap line “Building Spiritual Resilience In Children Of All Abilities” as this is a large part of the work she does (also bearing in mind that good inclusion and access for all is an essential base line for this). She is still chair of Children Matter, still working with a great team in the Additional Needs Alliance, is enjoying being part of the Evangelical Alliance council as well as advising Spring Harvest on all things to do with disability and additional needs. The start of our year looks very busy - you can find our diary by clicking the diary tab above.

Once again, thanks for all your prayers and support - we couldn’t do this without you! Do keep in touch.