• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Poorly Sick

A cat, splatted on the carpet looking very sorry for itself

Having promised links and more information about interviews and writing, you will have noticed that nothing materialised!

I feel I need to explain why....

After writing that last brief post, we were due to be at our own church weekend. We were looking forward to it immensely, and I had put a lot of time and work into putting together a prayer room for it. I managed with Steve's help to get the prayer room set up with all but 3 of the 'stations', and then began to feel ill - the dreaded shivers and shakes that come with a high temperature. I should have known because the pain levels had been very high that week - something that happens whenever I get bugs and viruses.

I spent the rest of the weekend in bed with a high fever, killer headache, a throat that felt it had been burnt with acid and a very swollen mouth and throat.

I managed to get up to help pack down the prayer room on the Sunday and then get home.

Just over a week later I still have the swollen, painful mouth and throat, a hacking cough, and added to that the various complications I get with viruses that come with the conditions I already have.

I regularly strain chest muscles and struggle with my already damaged rib cartilage, so the cough has done it's worst there as usual! It's affecting all my joints and already poor eyesight.

So, I've not really been on social media.

I've given short emoji responses to messages and only answered the most urgent emails. (Sorry if you're someone who has had a less than effusive answer to your messages!)

I cleared my diary for the week and rested. Next week is a planned writing week, which is generally easier on my body anyway...

And, I'm really thankful for a bank holiday!

But in all of this there are other things to be grateful for:

  • I rarely get colds or other viruses!

  • Steve has been all round amazing as usual - despite having a cold himself.

  • It was viral. Bacterial is much worse for me (and I'm allergic to a lot of antibiotics!)

  • I have access to everything I need to keep me comfortable - splints to keep joint pain under control, a comfy bed, access to pain killers and other helpful medication to keep my temperature down and any combination of drinks to keep hydrated.

I'm acutely aware of how many people in the world that have no access to even paracetamol or clean water. In some countries children can die for the lack of basic medication from treatable conditions.

So yes, I've been ill, I still feel rough and my pain levels are off the chart. And although my disability won't get better....I will recover from this virus, which is more than many will in some areas of our world.

I will get those links up eventually - but first, recovery!