• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Christmas News Letter

Decorated Text reads "Prince of Peace"

Below is a copy of the Christmas newsletter sent with our Christmas email greetings. Our Christmas card list was becoming quite unruly, so for the last few years we have opted to send less cards and instead make a donation to Home for Good.

Hello, and a happy Christmas from the Morgan-Gurrs.

This is not our usual Christmas newsletter - just a short update. You can find lots more on Kay’s blog ( The first eight months of our year were busy, made up of some regular bookings, lots of writing (Kay), assemblies, loads of meetings, an interview on Premier Radio (Kay), Spring Harvest at Harrogate, Hungarton Activate Camp and much more.

From the end of September, with the agreement (& positive encouragement!) of our council of reference & church leadership, we embarked on a sabbatical. The idea was to rest, do stuff we enjoyed & to give ourselves the space to hear what God wanted for us in the future of our ministry. Kay also wanted to spend a little more time with her mum - especially knowing mum’s health was not good…

But Kay’s mum unexpectedly passed away on 23rd October. So, most of November has been taken up with us both doing a lot of sorting out of mum’s house & affairs - working alongside Kay’s brother Dave & his wife Ali.

But in the middle of this, it was lovely to be able to celebrate with Steve’s brother Andy as he married Diana in ‘The North’.

Work will start again with the Children Worldwide Conference at the end of January, closely followed by the Hand in Hand conference in Eastbourne (Diary will soon be on the blog site). Many thanks for your continued prayer and support.