• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Sabbatical Blog 4

You may know by now that mum passed away last week.

You will also understand all that entails for me and Steve, my brother Dave and his wife Ali. I’ve so appreciated the closeness of the four of us over these last days as we’ve worked together to sort things out. It’s been a gift.

Mum’s funeral will be on Monday November 12th at 4pm, at Countesthorpe Crematorium.

We had roughly two weeks during the sabbatical where we had bookings we needed (and wanted) to honour – and this was those two weeks. We ended up having to cancel the final three assemblies, but as we expected those schools were lovely about it – even the one we could only give two hours notice to having been up all night with mum in A&E. Tomorrow is the final booking of those two weeks; the One Way conference in Rugby where we are doing six workshops between us. To have pulled out would have been very difficult and unfair for those organising the day, so we decided quickly that we were still going to honour it.

We are well prepared, but personally I don’t feel it! We’re both tired, and being amongst lots of people for two whole days is the last thing I want to do – especially when I know I end up doing a lot of pastoral stuff with some of the delegates.

So – please pray for us:

  • That we are able to give our very best.

  • That the delegates learn what they need and want to learn.

  • That the very short night we will have Fri/Sat due to commuting would not have a negative impact on us.

  • That I would cope with the amount of people, noise and bustle.

  • A deliberate side swipe to our car a few weeks ago means the car is now in for repair, replaced with a small courtesy car – that means having to use the smaller wheelchair, where I would usually use the larger one for day long comfort. So prayer for my muscles to behave would also be appreciated.

We’ll be putting photos of the conference on social media – if you don’t have social media, come back here to the home page (Click 'blog') and you will see the blue twitter 'follow' button on the right hand side. Clicking that should take you there!