• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Summer Ministry Upate

It's Hot!

Do pray for those working on Children's camps and holiday clubs at the moment, and the children attending. The heat makes things a little harder all round.

We've been doing a little less travelling for meetings during the hot weeks, opting for Skype calls instead where possible. Partly to accommodate other people's diaries, but also Kay wanted to let the new rail timetable settle for a while. We have however been doing other events, and Kay has been doing a lot of writing - we'll put links to some of the articles at the bottom of this post.

One of the highlights for Kay this month was speaking at the 'Together We Belong' conference in Kidderminster. It was a small local gathering organised by the Methodists in that area. The conference was about welcoming children with additional needs into the church. It was such an encouraging day. Despite the small numbers, you could see the desire for change and the will to make it happen. We both came away immensley encouraged.

Another highlight was being invited to a 'high tea' at one of the schools we do assemblies in. The idea was to thank all the volunteers that serve the school. The children did most of the work, making sandwiches and most of the cakes. They served the food and the drinks and chatted with us all as they worked. It was such a lovely thing to do for us!

In family news, Kay's mum had a bleed in her eye a few weeks ago, followed by another smaller one soon after. She has to undergo a course of injections over the next 10 months to see if they can stop the bleeding and hopefully restore some of the sight she has lost. She was born with no central vision in one eye, and this bleed is in her other eye. Prayers that some of her vision would be restored would be much appreciated. We will both be supporting her through this, with Kay going with her to all the hospital appointments, and Steve acting a chauffeur and wheelchair pusher for mum. (Kay uses her lightweight folding power-chair for these visits - the wheelchair convoy looks quite a sight!) Thankfully all the appointments fit with our diary, so we haven't had to do any re-arranging.

To add to all this, Kay was sent an 'interim assessment' form for her PIP. She wasn't expecting this, so it's taken rather a long time to sort and gather the necessary info - including three hours to fill it in with the help of a local charity. She has now been waiting five weeks to hear if she still has this much needed award that helps with the huge costs associated with having a disability. As you can imagine - it has been a very unsettling time.

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