• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Yours Sincerely - 'Offended' of Little Wells

Angry cartoon woman kicking an @ symbol

As I have said on previous posts, I'm not blogging much on here because I'm busy writing for lots of other people.

I like writing!

What I don't like is; getting comments from people who comment about what they 'think' I have written, and not on what I actually wrote.

A piece I recently wrote, about allowing our theology to flow out in love and hope in our communities, resulted in a venemous tirade of comments from people arguing their case - some with little boy bulling taunts against other commenters.

All it did was prove what I had said in the 'offending' article.

I had drawn two stories together and been commenting on how many families were being rejected from churches just because their child had additional needs - saying that if we had rejected those families, we had no right to critique 'that wedding sermon'. To quote from the actual article: "Whilst we are saying “The Cross wasn’t mentioned”, families are being rejected from the foot of that cross by us, when Jesus would have willingly welcomed them regardless of need or ability."

Some people 'got it' - they were parents of children with additional needs and had experienced what I was saying, and commented their thanks. Sadly - they got shot down in flames for supporting what I said. Fragile people once again trampled into the dirt just so someone could 'win' an argument.

If you write for the public - criticism is par for the course, and what I get is really quite mild compared to some other writers. But this disagreement was nasty.

I cried - not because I didn't like the criticisim, but because it proved what I was thinking - opinions often matter more than people. And there are some opinion holders who can be really nasty if you disagree with them.

What made it even worse was - these people are Christians.

If I may be really blunt about this: Whilst we are bickering and doing this 'spiritual' one upmanship, children are not hearing the Gospel, the children we do have are leaving The Church in disgust and disabled people are being ground further into the dirt through lack of understanding.

Today, I think 'The Church' sucks.

God is good, always. But that thing that He calls His bride? It looks darned ugly.

The lesson I have learnt in the last couple of months is - there are some who hold their opinions so tightly, they value them more than people.

I have opinions, but for the sake of others I will hold them loosely. I will fight for people's rights to have their opinion, even if I disagree with them. I don't even unfriend people on Facebook for having a different opinion! (Now there's a thing!)

We have a right to our opinions. But we don't have the right to batter the vulnerable with those opinions.

And guess what? There is one right we don't have - to not be offended by another's opinion.

NOTE: Due to changes in Premier - they no longer have 'Premier Life' - The blog I am referring to no longer exists there (And therefore, the comments are gone too - thankfully!) I will attempt to put the blog below at a later date. This also means none of my other blogs are available there either, so I'm seeking permission to post personally or hand on to others.