• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Mad March

Well, it has certainly been a busy March! Two conferences, a training event, a gathering of women leaders, various meetings and a lot of writing.

But in with the busy-ness there has been blessing, new friendships, old friendships rekindled, partnerships developed and encouragements given.

The first conference was with the C of E children's advisors where we were looking at being a blessing to children in crisis and trauma and how they too can be a blessing. I had the opportunity to talk about Children with additional needs and disabilities. It was a great time with lovely people and brilliant speakers.

The second conference was with the Children's Ministry Network - a group of people who advocate for children in their various denominations and organisations - key influencers and thinkers. It was only my second time with this lovely group of people, thinking, listening and wrestling with various subjects. It was also good to hear what is happening in the world of children, youth and family work in Scotland (The conference was in Perth)

In between the two conferences I was with the very encouraging Gathering of Women Leaders and speaking on why inclusion is important. It was good to hear more about the the launch of Project 3:28 - a database of women speakers that conferences and festivals can go to (and no long say they don't know any women speakers!)

We came straight back from Scotland on Thursday - and then I had a meeting with the Additional Needs Alliance core team in Birmingham on Friday. A great meeting with good friends spent planning, scheming, reviewing and praying.

But the month isn't over yet, and we have yet more things next week!

The arrival of April will see us serving at Spring Harvest in Harrogate, and April 1st, as well as being Easter Sunday, marks the start of my 26th year in children's ministry!