• Kay Morgan-Gurr

More Writing....

The problem of writing for lots of people is - sometimes the articles all come out at the same time!

This month has been a bit like the proverbial bus joke - and three have come along together...

NOTE: Due to changes in Premier - they no longer have 'Premier Life' - So the Premier blogs I am referring to no longer exists there. I will attempt to put the actual blogs below at a later date, having sought permission to post personally or hand on to others (This can take a while!) This also means none of my other blogs will be available there either. This doesn't affect any other people I write for - just Premier.

Yesterday I gave the link to the Additional needs Alliance blog (Where I intend to blog more frequently), but this week also saw a post I wrote for Premier and one I wrote for the Evangelical Alliance's Friday Night Theology come out (Friday night Theology is a weekly post written by different people, giving a theological look at a current news story - I can recommend signing up to have them emailed to you)

The Premier post looks at disability and sexual harassment, and how it is often missed by the church. It can be found here

The Friday Night Theology post looks at forgiveness and the sins of our youth. The news story I chose was one I never thought I would comment on..... Football! (I am generally NOT a football fan - I prefer the oval ball game, and would also like to see more netball coverage....yes, really.) I was concerned about the lynch mob mentality on social media, and wondered if as Christians we could offer a better way to react.

You can find this article here

My next article for Premier is a difficult one that I've been gathering thoughts on. It has the potential to be a little controversial in the area of disability and theology..... But it's a can of worms that really does need to be opened.

Please pray for wisdom and clarity as I put it together.

Happy reading!