• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Ministry Update - I survived January!

Bouquet of flowers

In our last ministry update I gave a run down of a rather silly two weeks, culminating in two consecutive days in London.

I can report that all went well.

The Spring Harvest speakers prep day was a great time, and started with being presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers to celebrate 25 years of volunteering with them. I managed, with some lateral thinking, to get them back to Hassocks where we were staying with good friends before the FFT (late) Christmas lunch, and then the Children Worldwide team conference. Wheelchair assistance at Haywards Heath was a bit of a mess - thank goodness Steve got there early to sort them out, or I would have ended up in Brighton!

The conference was a good time of taking in and meeting up with friends - if you work as a children/family worker, do consider joining Children Worldwide...because you're worth it!

The two days in London were worthwhile, and I hope beneficial to the organisations involved. Not all the meetings I attend are worthwhile - for many different reasons(!) so it's nice to report the ones I think will make a difference :)

So, I got through, alive & breathing, encouraged, but just a tad tired.

Next month sees two Hand in Hand conferences and a forum that precedes the first (Ilford) conference. Children Matter are hosting the forum on The Family & The Bible. I'll be speaking on Faith Parenting When a family is in Crisis.

At both the Ilford and Bradford conferences, I'll be speaking alongside my colleague Mark Arnold - one session giving a chance for those with an interest in additional needs to speak into the forum conversation, and the other looking at making bible teaching accessible to all children.

As I said in our previous post - I'll also be doing some more writing and a few other things, including a site visit to Harrogate with Spring Harvest.

March however, sees a return to the silly season.....