• Kay Morgan-Gurr

The Year So Far...

As I've said in previous posts, I tend to be 'pondering' all over the place except on my own blog at the moment. Writing for other people and doing a lot of other campaigning stuff, means not much writing has happened at the home of the Pondering Platypus......

So rather than doing our separate news page (link above for previous news posts) I thought I might as well start putting our news here.

We actually took some time off over Christmas - I was really good and didn't answer any emails! I did a lot of knitting, spending of vouchers and drinking very nice coffee (courtesy of a stove top coffee maker purchased with said vouchers) which was heaven for me! Steve did a lot of Cryptic crosswords, and managed to rest too...something he's not very good at!

I listened to Tom Wright's Advent book - but with so much to take in per chapter (Harder when listening to it), it's taken me longer than advent to get through it, but I can highly recommend it for any time of year. Next book on my list is Ann Voskamp's 'The Broken Way'. I loved her 'One Thousand Gifts Devotional' - that I listened to over lent last year.

So why the silly picture (found on Facebook)? Well, aside from amusing you, It represents my 'facepalm' feeling of how did I let the first three months of 2018 get so busy!!?

The year ahead looks to be a little chaotic with both bookings and writing projects - and next week has a few logistical issues too.... It starts with a train trip to London for a meeting in a building that requires my lighter weight folding wheelchair, plus timings that mean I have to travel south from there instead of home. Whilst I'm in my meeting, Steve will be driving south and meet me down there. All this combines to result in having to use my light weight wheelchair at our Children Worldwide team conference instead of my more comfortable one (better for long term use). The trip south from London also means unreliable assistance at the local station I would prefer to use, meaning I have to travel on to the next station - less convenient for Steve picking me up at the other end. Oh the joys of using a wheelchair - I think if I get the usual comment I have from folk of "I could do with one of them", my response may be a little less gracious than usual..... you might want to pray about that....whilst you pray that the logistics for the whole week work, and my muscles don't protest too much!

Following on from the CW conference I will be back in London two days running.

It's very unusual for things to work out like this. It's the result of working with more than one organisation, add to that; organisations have to use lower cost buildings which often results in negotiating a building with a couple of steps - hence the need for the lighter weight folding chair. (And before any of my disability activist friends speak up - this is just life. This issue happens rarely, and is the result of a massive shortage of affordable and accessible meeting locations in London, that can hold enough people.... and I've have profuse apologies from the organisation. I'm ok with it.)

There are some praise points - so join us in our prayers of thanks for:

  • Picking up our new Motability car last November. We are so grateful to be able to have this - it makes a huge difference.

  • Work, although busy, has been good and fruitful.

  • I was blessed with a gift towards my savings that meant I could buy the lightweight wheelchair much sooner. It has been a Godsend in so many areas of life.

  • Mum, although still poorly, is getting closer to a firm diagnosis and treatment.

Aside from praying for logistics and my grace(!) could you also pray for:

  • Wisdom and inspiration in my writing, speaking and training.

  • A clear mind and wisdom for other writing projects that are coming up.

  • Safety as we travel

  • Patience for me as I negotiate travel - not easy and often long-winded in the planning. Booking train tickets and the necessary assistance can take at least 30 minutes, plus finding accessible and affordable conference accommodation is a nightmare as most don't have accessibility info on their websites.

  • Much of our work doesn't come with expenses. We are grateful to have have sponsorship to cover expenses for two conferences, but are praying that accomodation for two more in Feb would be covered too.

Many thanks for continued care and support.

And by the way - here's a link to one of my latest blogs on Premier

Kay and Steve x