• Kay Morgan-Gurr

The Chaos of Life

Well, It's been a busy couple of months. We went on holiday for two weeks at the beginning of September, hit the ground running on our return and have barely stopped since!

I haven't blogged much again, but for a good reason.... I've been writing for other people instead!

Premier have published three of my blogs during the autumn (And another about to go live).

you can find two of them here: (Update - the premier links are no longer working. I hope to re-blog here at some point).

Are You Teaching Your Child Twee-ology

Being a Speaker....And Disabled

I have an article published on Parenting for Faith too, with others in the pipeline. (See it here: "Can a child with additional needs and disabilities have a meaningful faith?")

I'm also doing some policy stuff for other organisations on additional needs. All this whilst trying to keep up with all the regular things I do. (I'll do separate blogs on those)

So after an epicly busy week last week (London twice and birmingham three times) it's back to the writing.....

Keep the prayers going!