• Kay Morgan-Gurr

A Platypus Writing a Blog??

A pink platypuss next to a cup of hot milky coffee. The mug has a platypus wielding a mallet and the words Pondering Platypus on it.

It's very easy to start feeling guilty when you have a blog.... and don't post.

But I don't believe in posting for the sake of it. I just want to post when I have something to say. Plus - I've been busy writing for other organisations over the last couple of months.

If you read the news section of this site, you will know my mum has been poorly, and I've had lots of projects to complete, so time has been at a premium.

I’m also a believer in ‘Sabbath Rest’. I take time out to re-group, re-boot and re-grow. Without that I would sink.

So apologies for the gaps between blogs.

One idea I have had, is to do a few lighter ‘this is what we’re up to’ posts. It comes from someone else's idea to feature our pink platypus (Ano) a little more….. We’ll see! Like I said, I don't want to post for the sake of it. But what do you think? Would you enjoy that? Some have said that Ano should 'write' some of the blogs? Would that be a little silly?

We’re off to camp next week - working with fifty 9-11 year olds and an absolutely stunning team. We love this camp. We do the morning ‘meetings’ along with some of our furry puppet friends, and this year we’re looking at Elijah and his relationship with God.

Add to that, I’ve been busy writing the ‘Morning Start-up’ material - complete with creative prayer activity. (For adults not in the know - morning start-up is our version of a short quiet time…. although, not so quiet!). I’ve also been pulling together activities for our prayer room - activities designed help the children ponder, explore and pray through the teaching during the week.

It’s going to be great!

Pray for myself and my lovely hubby as we do the morning meetings together - and the final prep.

Pray for the Children, that the Holy Spirit would open their hearts and minds to hear, and that responses would be because God has spoken, and not because we or other leaders have pushed.

Pray for the safety of all involved - we’re on a farm :o)

Pray for me too. We’re commuting to the campsite this year, so very early starts and very late nights. I’m going to try my new lightweight power chair on the site to get between buildings and the tents, but if it rains I can’t. If I can't use it, that means having to run other people around more - which they don't mind….. but I like my independence(!)