• Kay Morgan-Gurr

It Wasn't About Me

An Empty Nest

I was listening to Rend Collective on Sunday morning before going to Church.

The song playing was “Strength Of My Heart”. You can hear it here:

I love this song – the words that stuck out yesterday were:

Stronger than any weakness

You are my fortress

You are for us

Yes, You're reigning forever

Ruling in power

You are for us

You are for us........

…....Your love is holding on

Your love is holding on

Through every valley

When life has failed me

You hold on...

It was then I put this update on Social media:

“In awe that when I struggle with words, God can breathe a thousand words of love into my heart in just one breath”.

But here's the thing... It wasn't all about me.

I wanted to encourage others that God could breath a thousand words of love (and comfort) into their heart too.

Mothers' day always comes with that ache of the heart – from that place where prayers are born. But I wasn't just praying about me – on the most part I am at peace with the fact I have not raised children.

I was praying about others who find Mothers' day a painful or confusing time.

I was praying about a lovely family – mum and dad both friends, but now facing their second Mothers' day without mum after cancer cruelly took her so young. I was asking God to be with them in their pain. I was praying for the children struggling with Mothers' day being thrust at them from every angle. Church on Mothers' day is just too painful for them.

You see, it's not just women who find Mothers' day hard.

There are many children, fathers and would be fathers in our communities and churches with the same struggle and pain.

I was praying about the foster children in our church, that God would be holding them through the confusion, pain and difficulty the day brings.

I was thinking about birth mums who no longer have their children with them through adoption and mothers who have lost children – before or after birth.

I was thinking about my lovely stepsons and how proud their mum would have been to see the kind and generous young men they have grown into. I am proud of them too, and I was giving thanks.

I was praying for my wonderful God children - all four of them. I'm proud of all they are achieving too, each in their own special way.

I was also thinking about single friends who would love nothing more than to have children but still carry on blessing others. I was praying God would bless them too.

All these thoughts and prayer poured out in jumbled mess and dumped at the feet of Jesus – not articulated in such a clear way as I have above, just a huge cry of the heart that God understood. An accumulation of all the prayers of the last week, many expressed in sighs with a picture of people settled in my mind. I'm thankful the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit understands those sighs – and every unspoken word contained in them.


Please fill the hearts and minds of those who have struggled with mothers' day with words of love and comfort.

Please bless those who mother in any way - as aunties, as God mothers, as teachers, as foster mothers and as parents. Give them all wisdom and joy in their role.

I also want to say thankyou for my own church and the sensitivity they showed in the way they celebrated the day - recognising both Joy and pain.