• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Playing Card Prayers

Morning start up on the second day of camp was an activity I borrowed from the amazing ‘Flame Creative’ website.

I tweaked it a little on what we did for each card, and we only used half a pack of cards per tent.

For a King, we shouted out something amazing about God.

For a Jack or a Queen, we prayed for someone.

For an Ace, we shouted out something we were thankful for.

I’m told by some of the tent leaders that this was the favourite prayer activity of their campers.

It had the main ingredients we were looking for - Simplicity, interest and impact.

This is what was in the camper’s booklet:

When we pray, we praise God for being amazing, we say thankyou for things and we pray for other people. (There are other things too, but these are the three things we're thinking about this morning.)

Playing card prayers.

As your tent leader deals the cards, look out for the Kings, Queens, Jacks and Aces. As soon as you see these, pray as follows:

King - Shout out a word that describes God

Jack/Queen - Pray for someone you know

Ace - shout out something you are thankful for.

The tent leaders expanded on the praise (King) element before they started, and some got their campers to think of a list of words that describe God prior to dealing the cards.

Would I change anything? Actually - no, I don’t think I would! This just worked, so why change?

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