• Kay Morgan-Gurr

A Pondering Platypus Creation

Pink Platypus toy with yellow beak and blue eyes

Hi All!

This is my new website/blog

I'm still working on it - so bear with me for a little while longer.

I'm still adding information and links to the side bar that reflect the interesting mix of things I'm now involved in.

Those who follow me on facebook may have seen the conversation about what to call this site and realise that I went for something completely different!

The suggestions were wide ranging - some reflecting my early days of ministry, some slightly outrgeous, and some (as requested) a little on the quirky side.

I love the idea of a platypus, just because it doesn't fit easily into the mould. It's a mammal... that lays eggs.... that has a bill... and webbed feet.... and is semi aquatic. (And also venomous when necessary.... but we might put that bit to one side for now...)

I've always been the one that doesn't fit the mould, and having just passed my half century I find that hasn't changed! In my working life I wear many hats. At first glance they look totally unconnected. But look a little closer and you'll see they work very well together - just like the parts of a platypus!

And the pondering? Well, I ponder a lot. I'm with Mary in the Bible - where we are told that she "pondered these things in her heart". I ponder all over the place.

Pondering is good.

(Platypus Cartoon drawn for Kay by Andrew McDonough from 'Lost Sheep')