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October 18th 2017

The Silly Season Got Sillier...

Kay blogged briefly on this here, but we thought we'd say a little more here on the news page.

Our holiday was much needed. The

hotel we use is accessible and has an

accessible pool - a wonderful thing!

And the resort has a wonderful walk

that has been made wheelchair

accessible (And has a very nice taverna

along the route that we made good use

of!) - the photo is a view from that walk.

We both read or listened to books,

Kay knitted/crocheted and Steve did lots of cryptic crosswords. We are so thankful to the person who continues to make this holiday possible for us.

We hit the ground running on our return, with Kay heading straight to an Evangelical Alliance summit, and things haven't really slowed down since.

This week however is a quieter writing week - phew!

And Steve has re-entered the world of blogging - you can see his latest here

One of Kay's latest Premier blogs can be found here

A little note - due to the set-up of pages on this site, we've had to put the archive of posts into PDF files, all of which you can find links to below.

Do keep your eye on the diary, and Kay's twitter feed on the home page. We keep the diary showing at least the previous month so you can pray for what we have done as well as what we are doing/about to do.

Many thanks

Kay and Steve

August 9th

The Silly Season!


We're in the middle of final prep for Hungarton's 'Activate' Camp, and Kay is also doing her other normal work, plus writing blogs for others (You can find her blog written for Premier Here).


For camp, we are doing the morning meetings, preparing the morning 'start-up' (quiet times in adult speak!) and activities for our prayer room. Plus....Kay does the health and safety/Safeguarding stuff, so risk assessment is planned for Sunday afternoon...


Our teaching is on Elijah and his relationship with God. The Morning start-up is on 'Salvation' (Now that's been a challenge - 10 minutes a day for 5 days, including a memorable prayer activity). The prayer room will have activities that will help the campers reflect on what they have been learning during camp.  We're really excited about it!


We've opted to commute from home this year - the team is so good, we have no qualms about being 'missing' overnight, but it will mean getting to camp by 7.30am and not leaving until after 11pm. This is because the caravan is getting older, and Kay is finding getting in and out more difficult. We will have a tent on the field for those times Kay needs to rest - so she can give her best when needed, and she will have her small powerchair... if the weather stays dry!


Follow us on Twitter for live updates - and Kay will also be doing the tweeting from the 'Activate17' Twitter account. Follow/use #ActivateCamp17


*Update on Mum:

Mum appeared to come down with what looked like yet another dose of chickenpox, but after some major (but polite) foot stamping, her GP has agreed it needs further investigation, so is now waiting for an emergency appointment at the hospital....10 days and still waiting!


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