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This Page is for both Kay and Steve. We try to keep is as up to date as possible(!) But there are always last minute meetings, skype & conference calls and last minute bookings that sometimes don't make it on here.
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Kay has a regular writing schedule, but doesn't put the times when she's writing in this diary - it just happens in between bookings and preparation time.


7th: Kay - Lecturing at Cliff College.
13th: Kay in London - C of E Children & Youth Development Group Consultation. 16th: Kay in London - Churches for All Partner’s Meeting

23rd: Kay in London - Spring Harvest Theme consultation (for 2021)

24th-26th: Both - Children Worldwide conference.

28th: Kay in London - Spring Harvest planning group meeting.

2nd: Kay preaching at Ford's Lane Church, Bramhall AM and PM - Steve will be doing some puppetry/children’s section in the morning service.

7th - 9th: Both - Hand in Hand (Children’s Ministry) conference in Eastbourne - Kay delivering two seminars - and everything else this conference entails(!)

We’ll also be doing a run of assemblies in the last week of February.

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