What I'm Up To

This Page is for both Kay and Steve. We try to keep is as up to date as possible(!) But there are always last minute meetings, skype & conference calls and last minute bookings that sometimes don't make it on here - even more so in today's weird circumstances, as many of Kay's bookings are now coming in with a week's notice, sometimes 2 weeks if she's fortunate! 

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Kay has a regular writing schedule, but rarely puts the times when she's writing in this diary - it just happens in between bookings and preparation time.

Regular Work and Projects


With my colleagues in Children Matter, we are hosting online Zoom forums for children/family leaders: 'FaithFull Generation in a Pandemic'. They have been successful with great feedback.


We plan to continue with new subjects and dates, the last one (possibly) being on 20th March.

The previous two series are on YouTube  - go to 'FaithFull Generation' to see them and subscribe so you can continue to see new ones.

We have another FaithFull Generation project in the pipeline - there will be more info when we've ironed out a few more details.

As Children Matter/FaithFull Generation, we are currently doing an update of our social media etc, so Kay is trying to work away at that to try and bring things into a more understandable format (So you will see more mention of FaithFull Generation and less of Children Matter)

Kay is also in the process of launching the Pondering Platypus Resources, so she is using every spare minute transferring 26 years of materials to the new website, updating it, taking photographs and learning lots about making a website work well!! Do take a look - there's only a handful of resources on there at the moment, but it will give an idea of what it will look like when finished.

We also have a Facebook page and twitter account, and Theo the Platypus has his own facebook profile(!)

The diary may be absent, but with everything being so last minute, it's difficult to keep it up to date.

Fixed things in the diary:

Additional Needs Alliance Core team meetings - every other Friday Lunchtime (For March - 5th and 19th...and so on)

FaithFull Generation (Children Matter) team meetings every other Wednesday - with the occasional extra one!

11th March: Children's Ministry Network Gathering (online).

20th March: FaithFull Generation Forum - "Ready for Transition"

I'll do April in a couple of weeks!